Future Folklore
Traditional wisdom for tomorrow's world

Future Folklore supports creative people in the arts, sciences and education in harvesting insight and inspiration from folk tradition to nourish and invigorate their professional practice.



In today's world, information is plentiful but wisdom can be hard to find. How then do we sift what is significant from what is merely interesting, discern underlying simplicity from surface complexity, and create imaginative pathways to help us make what we do more purposive, meaningful and fulfilling?


Traditional tales, fables, lore and sayings are often powerful transmitters of wisdom - between cultures, between generations and across deep time - complementing learning gleaned from academic study, scientific exploration and practical experience. Through paying attention to these essential sources of traditional insight we can find out useful and beautiful truths about our world, about ourselves and about our relationship with the environment, to inspire and sustain us as we create the future.  


One of many projects David has been involved in was Dreaming the Land.

You can also read read a presentation David gave in 2012 to a conference of the Tyne-Forth Prehistory Forum about the application of oral storytelling in archaeology, entitled Ancestors' Tales: retrieving memory from the landscape through oral storytelling.




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